Our 200 gals roam the 300 acres of Highland Farm with glee . . . with names like Lida, Lilly and Lola, who wouldn't be happy?

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Upper Delaware River

We offer holiday gift baskets and "anytime" cheese platters.  Give us a call at 570.729.8103

Raw milk cheeses are made from fresh milk and aged a minimum of 60 days before they are legal for sale.  Our affinage process involves the caves at Calkins Creek Vineyard, which enables room for many months of aging.


Fresh cheeses are all made from gently pasteurized milk.  These cheeses are available for sale as soon as ripened. 

We ship to all 50 states.  Expect low-cost, 1 day ground shipping in the northeast and 2-3 day options across the rest of this wonderful country . . .

What's the difference in the cheese?